Below is a list of law enforcement officers whose families received our help and financial support, along with the date they were killed in the line of duty.


Detective Kristen Hearne Polk County Police Department; EOW 9/29/2017; Gunfire.
Deputy Sheriff Greg Meagher Richmond County Sheriffs Office ; EOW 2/5/2017; Chemical spill.
Public Safety Officer Jody Carl Smith Georgia Southwestern State University ; EOW 12/8/2016; Gunfire.
Police Officer Nicholas Ryan Smarr Americus Police Department; EOW 12/7/2016; Gunfire.
Deputy Sheriff Daryl Smallwood Peach County Sheriff’s Department; EOW 11/8/2016; Gunfire.
Sargeant Patrick Sondron Peach County Sheriff’s Department; EOW 11/7/2016; Gunfire. sargeant-patrick-sondron
Police Officer Timothy Kevin Smith Eastman Police Department; EOW 8/13/2016; Gunfire; survived by three children. police-officer-timothy-smith
Deputy Anthony “TJ” Freeman Bibb County Sheriff’s Department; EOW 5/5/2016; automobile accident; survived by wife and two children. investigator-anthony-tj-freeman
Major Greg ‘Lem’ Barney Riverdale Police Department; EOW 2/11/2016; Gunfire; survived by wife and twin sons. care for cops major greg lem barney
Officer Kevin Toatley Dekalb County Police Department; EOW 9/19/2015; Automobile accident; survived by wife.
Deputy Richard Hall Chatham County Sheriff’s Office; EOW 9/16/2015; Automobile accident; survived by father. Deputy Rick Hall
Sheriff Ladson O’Connor Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office; EOW 6/15/2015; Automobile accident while in pursuit of a suspect; survived by wife and four children.
Officer Darryl Wallace Clayton County Police Department; EOW 3/15/2015; Automobile accident; survived by parents. Officer Darryl Wallace
Detective Terence Green Fulton County Police Department; EOW 3/4/2015; Gunfire; survived by parents and four sons TAG
Officer Kevin Jordan Griffin Police Department; EOW 5/31/2014; Gunfire; survived by Mother and seven children kevin jordan
Deputy Steven “Cruz” Thomas Jackson County Sheriff’s Office; EOW: 5/21/2014; Automobile accident; survived by parents Steven Thomas
Officer Noel Lee Hawk  Eatonton Police Department; EOW: 5/4/2014; Heart Attack; Survived by 5 children Police Officer Noel Lee Hawk | Eatonton Police Department, Georgia
Officer Ivorie Klusmann Dekalb County Police Department; EOW: 8/10/2013; Automobile Accident; Survived by 2 children ivorie klusmann
Corporal Thomas Keith Slay Columbus Police Department; EOW: 7/30/2013; Automobile Accident; Survived by Wife and adult son thomas-keith-slay
Officer Elgin L. Daniel Henry County Police Department; EOW: 11/12/2012; Vehicular Assault; Survived by Wife
Officer Richard Halford Atlanta Police Department EOW: 11/3/2012; Helicopter Accident; Survived by daughter
Officer Shawn Smiley Atlanta Police Department EOW: 11/3/12  Helicopter Accident Survived by Wife and 3 children
Deputy Sheriff Robert “Bobby” Crapse, Sr. Bryan County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 6/15/2012 Automobile Accident Survived by Wife and 3 children
Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas Atlanta Police Department EOW:  1/24/2012  Vehicular Assault Survived by Daughter
Deputy Sheriff Ronnie Smith Butts County Sheriff’s Department EOW: 12/17/11 Automobile Accident Survived by Wife, 2 Daughters
Detective R. Shane Wilson Doraville Police Department EOW: 11/14/11 Vehicular Assault Survived by Wife, Son
Officer Terry Lewis-Flemming Albany Police Department EOW: 10/28/11  Vehicle Pursuit Survived by Husband, 3 children
Deputy Sheriff James D. Paugh Richmond County Sheriff’s Department EOW: 10/23/11 Gunfire Survived by Mother, Son, Brother Sheriff's Deputy Paugh
Deputy Sheriff Derrick Whittle Union County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 9/18/11 Automobile Accident Survived by Wife, 2 children Deputy Sheriff Derrick Whittle
Probation Officer Tiffany Bishop Georgia Department of Corrections c/o Floyd County Probation Office EOW: 8/31/11 Gunfire (Accidental) Tiffany Bishop
Deputy Richard “Rick” Joseph Daly Clayton County Sheriff Deputy EOW: 7/20/11 Gunfire Survived by Wife and adult children Deputy Daly
Sheriff Dee Stewart Spaulding County Sheriff’s Department EOW: 7/03/11 Automobile Accident Survived by Wife Sheriff Dee Stewart
Officer Elmer Christian Athens-Clarke County Police Department EOW: 3/22/11 Gunfire Survived by Wife, 2 children
Deputy Willie Amos Cammon Heard County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 03/11/11 automobile accident Survived by Adult Son
Trooper Chad LeCroy Georgia State Patrol EOW: 12/27/10 Gunfire Survived by Wife, 2 children
Lt. Thomas C. Rouse Dougherty County Police Department EOW: 12/23/10, Gunfire Survived by Wife, 2 children
Deputy Richard Daniels Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 6/22/10, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife, 1 infant daughter
Deputy Brian Mahaffey Rockdale County Sheriff’s Dept. EOW: 5/8/10, Gunfire Survived by Wife, 2 children
Officer Christopher Arby Upton U.S. Department of Natural Resources EOW: 3/5/10 Gunfire Survived by Wife, 1 child
Officer Mike Vogt Chattahoochee Hills Police Department EOW: 2/15/10  Gunfire Survived by Wife: Lendell, 1 grandchild they are raising
Deputy Davy Crawford Carroll County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 2/12/10, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Candy
Officer Terry Adams Tifton Police Department EOW:  4/22/09 Motorcycle Accident Survived by Wife: Melissa, 3 children, 1 stepchild
Deputy David Gilstrap Oconee County Sheriff’s Department EOW: 10/09/08, Struck by Vehicle Survived by Wife: Tammy, 2 children, 3 stepchildren
Deputy Kathy Cox Gordon County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 8/21/08, Automobile Accident Survived by Husband: Ken, 3 children, 2 grandchildren
Deputy Robert Griffin Decatur County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 5/1/08, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Rosalie, 3 children
Officer Eric Barker DeKalb County Police Department EOW: 1/16/08  Gunfire Survived by Wife and four children
Officer Ricky Bryant DeKalb County Police Department EOW:  1/16/08   Gunfire Survived by Wife and four children
Deputy Chad McDonald Bibb County Sheriff’s Office EOW:  12/21/07 Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: LaKeisha, one child
Deputy Jerome Jackson McDuffie County Sheriff’s Department EOW:  6/15/07  Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Santeeba Jackson, 4 children
Deputy Marvin Jerome Scarlett Henry County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 5/20/07, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife, 2 children, 2 step children
Lt. John McKinney Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 12/6/06, Heart Attack Survived by Wife: Doris, 2 grown children
Deputy Sgt.  Michael Larson Bryan Sheriff’s Office EOW: 12/1/0/06  Vehicular Assault Survived by Wife: Lisa
Corporal Dennis Wright, Sr. Effingham Sheriff’s Office EOW:  11/17/06 Automobile Accident Survived by 3 children
Corporal Michael Douglas Young Georgia State Patrol EOW: 8/29/06, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Martha Young, 2 grown children
Officer Peter Faatz Atlanta Police Department EOW: 8/3/06, Automobile Accident Survived by Mother: Judy Faatz
Deputy Joseph Whitehead Bibb County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 3/23/06, Gunfire Survived by Wife: Jacqueline, 3 children
Deputy James T. White Hall County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 10/3/05, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Kimberly White, 4 children
Officer Mark Cross Atlanta Police Department EOW: 4/23/05, Gunfire Survived by Wife: Kanthnaree Cross, 2 children
Sgt. Hoyt Teasley Fulton County Sheriff’s Office EOW: 3/11/05, Gunfire Survived by Wife, 2 children
Sgt. James Gilbert Henry County Police Department EOW: 5/2/04, Automobile Accident Survived by Wife: Pat Gilbert, 3 children